Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the Angels Rejoiced Greatly

My pocketbook is rejoicing greatly, too. I saw a sign yesterday that said, "Coming soon: Aldi"

We're getting an Aldi here in Frederick! Yay! For those of you who don't know, I'm from the Midwest, where it seems like there's an Aldi in every town. Aldi is a super-cheap grocery store. You won't find name brands, or much variety, but it's fairly good stuff. Aldi was great for surviving summers on campus without food service.

Until now, the nearest Aldi is in Hagerstown, about 30 minutes away. Not a big deal, but I've never managed to get over to that store. We have a huge Aldi warehouse or corporate building outside of Frederick that tricked me the first time I saw it.


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

You are so our mother's daughter (well kinda still think your parents were carny's) excited about a Grocery you are a Peterson for the frugal part ...btw speaking of Hagerstown saw a video from your "new and improved" that something to get excited about....(details in email) ....BTW we have an Aldi's warehouse just down the road from RRD ...

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