Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cleaning and such

Ryan says if I get my computer room cleaned that I can paint it this weekend! Whoo hoo!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Man, I stink!

Er, I stink at posting. Not body odor. At least, I hope not. :) Not much time for posting lately. Here's an e-mail I sent out to family yesterday:

Today was Katrina's nine-month well check. She did great up until her polio shot at the very end ... then anyone listening would think the world was ending, the way she cried. :) She also gave the nurse a very reproachful look as she left the room. Poor, poor baby. Someday she will thank us. I hope.

Katrina now weighs 17 lbs, 2 ounces, which puts her at the 16th-percentile, and is 29.25 inches long (91st-percentile). We saw Dr. Mullen today, the doctor we usually see. Chalk it up to seeing a different doctor, but at Katrina's 6th month checkup, the doctor (not Dr. Mullen) went on and on about how skinny Katrina is and how we may have to change her formula, have blood tests, etc. So of course I've been worried the last three months. Today Dr. Mullen was very reassuring. She says her eleven year old daughter is also tall and skinny for her age, and she had to adjust to the idea that it's okay (and even good) for babies to not be chubby. Of course, Dr. Mullen is 5'2" and probably weights 100 pounds in winter clothing. Ahh, to have that problem... Anyway, she said she would still like to see Katrina put on a little bit of weight. She suggested serving a fourth or even fifth meal a day and trying to incorporate table foods on a regular basis. She said she would tell most parents NOT to add a lot of table foods just yet because the foods we eat are so high in fat and calories, but that such foods would be good for Katrina.

Dr. Mullen was encouraging. She pointed out that while Katrina is slender, she continues to grow taller and increase in head circumference; she's getting teeth (six now!), and is developmentally on schedule with crawling and interacting. Dr. Mullen called Katrina a 'banana baby.' One website says this about so-called 'banana babies':

Long and lean babies (we call them "banana babies") are hypermetabolizers. They burn off calories faster than the plumper "apple babies" and "pear babies." Banana- babies are likely to grow more quickly in height than weight, so that they normally plot above average in height and below average in weight on the growth chart.

In other news, Debbers is having a boy!!! What is up with the baby boys? Leah has two, Jill had a boy, Char is having a boy, and now Debbie and Josh. I guess that just means more husband choices for Katrina. :)

Weight loss is going sloooooooooooooowly for me. Grr.

I'm going to Ohio Saturday and Sunday with Laura (Reynolds) to pick up a dog for them from her parents!

Annnnd... that's all. Life is busy!