Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting, according to a 3-year-old

I took Katrina and Mikayla with me to vote tonight. I'm pretty sure Katrina has accompanied me to vote every opportunity in her 3.5 years. I told her today that we have to make a very important decision - who will be President. I explained that the President is in charge of all the people in our country, and it's a very big job to have.

She ran around the saying, "I go vote! I go vote!" I quizzed Katrina in the van on the way to our polling place (all of 0.9 miles away), asking her questions like, "What are we going to do?" and "We are voting for ... ?" Her response: "We vote presents! Vote my teachers!"

This reference to her teachers puzzled me. Did her preschool teacher talk about voting last week? Surely not. Maybe she overheard some of the childcare providers at the Y playroom talking?

Voting was simple and quick. No lines, no wait. I love voting in Braddock Heights.

Back in the van on the way home, I put two and two together. Katrina was not saying "I go vote," she was saying "I go boat." I finally figured this out when she made a sad face and whispered, "I go beach, Mommy, please?" She thought we were going on another cruise to the beach! Ah, my child. She's a funny one for sure. I clarified that I was saying V-O-T-E, and Katrina replied, "Oh, yeah! That's funny, Mommy."

The end. :)