Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just checking ...

Whew. I've heard rumors of several Blogger/Blogspot blogs being deleted lately, so I thought I would check to see if this still exists. It's here, even though I haven't posted in six-ish months. I blame it on Facebook ... it's much 'easier' to update my friends and family in 140 characters several times throughout the week than it is actually compose complete thoughts. Anybody feel the same?

On the eve of Katrina's birthday, I thought I would look back at what I had to say when she was born. The past five years have passed in the blink of an eye. We are incredibly blessed to have not only Katrina but also Mikayla (age 2) and another little girl due to join our family in a few short months. At age 5 - tomorrow! - Katrina:

- is excited about school, both preschool now and starting kindergarten in the fall
- likes the colors green and pink
- is 'bestest church friends' with Katelynn and Alyssa M., Katelyn and Maddy B. (and their little brother Jack), and Jeremiah K.
- loves her family - Daddy, Mommy, Mikayla (well, most of the time :)), Grandma, Papa, Grammie, Aunties, Uncles and cousins
- wants to be either a farmer or a cowboy or maybe a PE teacher (!) when she grows up
- would spend hours a day 'reading' - looking at books - if our schedule so allowed
- would also spend hours a day watching shows like Team UmiZoomi, Little Bear, Word World and others - if Mommy and Daddy allowed
- asked Jesus to 'live in her neck' (a long story) almost a year ago and is growing more and more each day in her understanding of God's love for her and what the Bible says
- likes typical 'kid food' like mac 'n' cheese and hot dogs, but also likes salmon (she calls it 'pink fish') and is starting to like kumla, much to Daddy's delight
- loves to run and play but is sometimes a little shy and gets frustrated/scared in new situations
- is NOT a performer - she does not like to be put on the spot to answer questions, sing a song, etc.

When asked repeatedly what she would like for her birthday, she only wanted a Pillow Pet. Specifically, she has asked for a ladybug Pillow Pet for her and a puppy Pillow Pet for Mikayla.

We love our daughters very much and they are delightfully unique. We praise God for the five wonderful years we've had as parents so far ... and we pray for the strength and wisdom needed for the next 15 years! :)