Friday, March 17, 2006

A neighbor's house is on fire. :( Not our neighbors like next-door or across the road. It's a house that we can see when we look out our front window, up the hill toward Braddock Heights and Middletown. We heard several sirens and then one very close, so we walked outside and saw it. It's huge. :( I pray no one is injured.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Please pray.

We just got news that the brother of a friend from church was in a bad accident at work. Here is what her e-mail says:

I just received word that my brother, Karl, was in an accident at his work. He has the thrilling job of making and displaying fireworks. The building he was making them in today has exploded for some reason. My brother and another man have been burned. There is still one man missing and he may not have been in the building at the time. Anyway, Karl, was flown to Buffalo at their shock trauma with burns over his entire body. I do not know the extent of his burns at this moment. I am asking for prayer for my family as we look at what the future holds for my brother and his family. The other man is at the local hospital. As soon as I know more I will try to update this message. I am just asking for prayer. We will be leaving for New York soon.
Update: I just got a call that my brother and the other man will not make it through the night. We are going to New York now and not sure when we will return. Pray for our witness to other family members.
-- Dawn