Sunday, July 24, 2005

Davis the hero kitty

Davis is a hero kitty, I've decided. She jumped in Katrina's Pack-n-Play earlier today (I was holding the baby) and that made me suspicious. You see, one of our cats peed in that very place a week ago; we thought it was Avery, but seeing Davis get in there made me think perhaps it was her. (Yes, we cleaned the Pack-n-Play.) Anyway, I looked to see what she was doing and a HUGE black spider ran across the playpen. I quickly smashed it with my sandal and threw it away with a tissue. I would have put the baby in her playpen with a big scary spider if it were not for Davis and her obsession with bugs/spiders/etc.! She's my hero. :)

Ryan's my hero, too. He's a good daddy! I was super-tired Friday night and wanted to go to bed early, so he changed Katrina into her nightgown and put her down for the night. Of course, then I stayed awake for another two hours, but that was really his fault. He made me sign up for Jungle. Yes, old Olivetians, Jungle still exists, and it's new and improved! Same great taste, new look! Er, wait, that's my peanut butter. Check it out (Jungle, not the peanut butter at I'm lexerdax, any surprise there? :)

VBS was the 11th - 15th and it was great! We did "Kingdom of the Son: A Prayer Safari" by Gospel Light this year - I highly recommend it. We averaged 20 children each night, which is great when we usually have 5 - 7 kids in our Sunday morning program. One little boy Lucas is an outright evangelist! His mom told me that he called every child in his preschool class and invited them to VBS, then followed up with a visit to some friends' houses! Must be because his mom is an Olivetian ... or maybe because the child who brought the most friends won a Toys 'R' Us gift card. :)

Hmm. I'm having some issues with Blogger. I hope this post works.

In other news, Marte and Erika are both alive!!! I'll restrain from publicly chastising them for not posting and making me worry. :)

I uses smiley faces a lot, don't I? Trish uses a lot of parentheses. It's contagious.

Please pray for me! I am preaching on August 7th ... what I call 'preaching upstairs' ... to the whole congregation. I give children's sermons regularly but this is, well, different. I'm preaching on the beatitude "blessed are the pure in heart." Any suggestions?

And finally (yes, I know this is a long post, hang on!), Sara Taylor got me with this:

I am supposed to take the five blogs listed on her page, move everyone up a notch, and put myself at the bottom.

1. Ringmaster Lily
2. Bored housewife
3. Sara
4. *sara*
5. Lexerdax

Ok, Now I am supposed to pick 5 people to do the same. (Do I even know five people who read this blog??!)

Ummm ...
Erika (now that you are alive again!)
Trisha Rae
Alicia Marie (are you still reading, dear one?)
Gina Marie
... and ...
Leah (now you have a reason to start a blog!)

Now I (and everyone I tagged if they choose to participate) am supposed to write 5 things I enjoyed about being a kid.

Heh. This is tougher than I thought. It's hard to come up with five good things when you lived with alcoholic parents.

1. The climbing tree. We had this cool tree near my grandparents' house that we called the climbing tree. It was wide and open and fairly low to the ground. I loved to climb up there and read. Which leads me to my second thought ...

2. Reading. I loved to read as a kid and still do! It was an escape for me, really. We had a little room under the stairs that I would go in and read or I would read upstairs in my room.

3. Watching cartoons after school with my dad. Even into high school. It was 'our thing.'

4. Visiting my grandpa at the retirement home. My Grandma Peterson passed away when I was in fourth grade and my Grandpa Peterson moved to Pontiac the next year. I loved visiting him every day in the summer (except for the time he made me eat liver and onions!). It was there I first felt the tug of God on my heart, I think. I remember helping with daily devotions over on the nursing side and hearing the elderly women sing "In the Garden" and I felt the still small voice of God calling me to Him. It was several years later before I was saved, but I remember those days well. Ask Marte, I still love "In the Garden" and always request it at hymn sings!

5. Hrm. Number five. What I enjoyed about being a kid. I can think of a number of things I didn't like as a kid (glasses, funny teeth, etc.). How about I revisit this one in my next post? Maybe I'll think of something by then.

Until then, thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Must ... have ... caffeine ...

The coffee pot is empty here at the office. And I have 36 cents in my wallet. (Sodas cost 60 cents in the machine.) I need caffeine and I don't know if I can wait for a new pot of coffee.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Seven-plus weeks of little sleep

Yawn. We're a bit sleepy at our house. The baby does well at waking up at regular times, leading one to think we should be sleeping fairly well. Instead we've been staying up reading (me) and watching t.v. (Ryan). I woke up with a horrendous headache, sore throat and earache yesterday - Sunday - morning. We stayed home from church and I basically spent the whole day in bed. Ryan stayed home with the baby while I worked today and he "caught" my headache, so he spent the day resting on the futon. Or as much resting as one can do when home with a newborn. I'm very proud of him! He survived his first full day home alone with the baby.

Um, other than that, not much is new here. Happy 4th o' July! If my Grandpa Peterson were still living, he would have turned 100 yesterday. And my Grandma Peterson would be 98 this year. Ype. My mom's parents were much older when they had her.