Sunday, August 10, 2008

Signs of ADD

How's this for signs of ADD? I tried taking a nap this afternoon, but two little girls had other plans and naptime never happened (for anybody). The next few hours looked like this:

1. I started a load of laundry. I noticed the laundry room was a mess and decided to straighten it.

2. Went upstairs to tell Ryan my plan. He was emptying the dishwasher. (Thanks, Honey!) I noticed the cabinet where we keep Katrina's plates and cups was a mess and decided to straighten that first. It was really REALLY unorganized and really bothered me. Ryan decided to work downstairs. (He probably saw the crazed look in my eyes and decided to run far, far away.)

3. Then I thought I should finish emptying the dishwasher so I could reload it and run it. You know, multitask. Wash dishes while straightening a cabinet.

4. While putting away the silverware, I noticed the silverware drawer needed to be cleaned. I proceed to take out all of the silverware, vacuum the drawer then clean it with spray cleaner, and then replace the silverware. I also sorted out mismatched utensils to go in the Goodwill box.

5. Then I loaded the dishwasher.

6. 30 seconds after I started the dishwasher, Katrina handed me her empty juice cup. *sigh* I decided to hand-wash it, as well as some not-so-clean baby bottle nipples. (They don't get clean in the dishwasher!)

7. I found that we are almost out of dish soap, so I started a list for Wal-Mart.

8. Putting away the now-clean nipples made me realize the baby bottle stuff sorely needed straightening, too, so I did that.

9. Then I straightened the cabinet with Katrina's dishes. Katrina tried to 'help.' It was all I could do to not scream, "I've got it!!" (I'm very OCD about some things, in case you haven't realized that yet.)

10. Finally, I spent 20 minutes straightening the laundry room. And went to Wal-Mart and got more dish soap.

What should have been a 20-minute task took approximately two hours. I don't know if it's ADD or what, but this is seriously what my life is like. All. the. time. I start one task and end up on some weird tangent with multiple half-finished tasks behind me. My dear friend Laura says it's a sign of being too messy. I agree. But where do I start to make it better? I know not to start in the laundry room! :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

If I had a camera with me ...

... I would take a picture to show you Mikayla, curled up asleep on the hardwood floor of my office.

I'm here working on some miscellaneous items - printing documents for a training session tomorrow, finishing up a few tasks for a proposal due Monday, etc. I brought Mikayla with me because Cayden and Reagan are at our house to play with Katrina, and bringing the baby with me would help out Ryan. I let her crawl on the floor for a little bit, then I noticed it was very quiet. I looked down, and she is sound asleep.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

World's Most Interesting Olivetian

For all you Olivetians out there ...

The World's Most Interesting Olivetian contest

The World's Most Interesting Olivetian
Posted: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Promotional Contest

Olivet Nazarene University is in search of “The World's Most Interesting Olivetian.”

Defining the term “interesting” is up to you, and might include persons who have a unique career, hobby, traveling experience -- or all of the above!

Finalists will receive commemorative t-shirts, interviews on, and ONU apparel.

The winner, as determined by popular vote, will receive two free tickets to all Homecoming 2008 events, a starring role in an upcoming feature film (aka a 2-minute promotional video on YouTube) and the title of “The World's Most Interesting Olivetian 2008,” to be announced during halftime of the Homecoming football game.

To nominate yourself or someone you know, CLICK HERE.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Are you following the Bruce Ivins story? It's getting more and more bizarre. Check out the latest - that Dr. Ivins was obsessed with a sorority and 'theoretically' could have driven from Frederick to Princeton, NJ, and back (a 7-hour trip) 'after work; to mail the letters. Ummm, okay. Kara and Charlie, love ya, but I'm not driving up to Princeton after work tomorrow to see you and then back home, 'kay? Sheesh.

(The article:

Also, no offense to CNN, but I love how the article ends:

"The social worker also has a minor criminal record, according to court records. She pleaded guilty in April to driving under the influence and was fined $500 and placed on probation for nearly a year. In October 2006, she pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was fined $580. A 1992 charge of possessing drug paraphernalia was dismissed."

That's FNP-style writing, folks. (FNP is the Frederick News Post, the local newspaper. I swear they hire fifth-graders as reporters. No, I take that back. A fifth grader could write a better news story than some of the FNP reporters.)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday evening

Quote from Katrina to Ryan, after being hit (gently) in the shoulder by a Frisbee: "Why you do that, Dad? You hurt my elbow!"

(Later, when she grazed her arm on the swing as Ryan pushed Mikayla, she ran off in near tears. When Ryan apologized, she said, "No you do it! Mama do it!" Ummm, no, it was Daddy. :) )

Just now, both girls were in their respective beds (er, toddler bed and crib) when I heard Mikayla chortling. She has figured out how to look at Katrina from her crib! She managed to roll over, turn 180 degrees (her head was at the opposite end of the crib) AND push down the crib bumper enough that she can peek out at her big sister. She's a resourceful seven-month old!

On a completely random note, does it gross anyone else out that infant formula contains vegetable oil? I noticed it on the ingredients list on a can of Enfamil. Yuck. I understand that's the fat source for formula, but seriously, that's gross. It's like giving a baby American "cheese," since that's just milk and oil, too.