Sunday, September 23, 2007


Okay, so we are a little behind on watching the first Survivor ... thank goodness for ReplayTVs ... but a gay Mormon flight attendant?!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our weekend

Our weekend was busy but great! Miss PattyCake visited our church for TWO concerts on Saturday. We originally booked her for one, but the response was so overwhelming that we scheduled a second concert, and both were filled to near capacity! For those of you who don't know Miss PattyCake, you may recognize her as Jean Thomason, who formerly sang/performed at Women of Faith events. She has been Miss PattyCake for twelve years now, and ministers to preschoolers and their families through song and motion. All the kids love her! I highly recommend you visit her website, get her DVDs (a new one comes out October 30), and even invite her to perform at your church. She's great!

We had a bit of a cold snap roll through. Saturday was cool (high 60s) but comfortable. It was only 38 degrees when I woke up this morning!! We had to dig out some of Katrina's new fall clothes for church. She pretty much picked out this outfit by herself at the store one day. I held up one skirt and she said, "No!" and pointed to this one instead. Then she grabbed the off-white shirt from a stack. Maybe we have a future fashion designer on our hands?

This last picture goes way back to July. I found it on the camera when I was looking at the pictures from this weekend. We visited Illinois in July, and this is Katrina wandering through my mom's bean field. We're heading back to IL in late October ... maybe she'll get to (safely) ride in a combine then!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9 months

From Readers' Digest (

After the birth of my son, a woman from the records department stopped by my hospital room to get information for his birth certificate. "Father's date of birth?" she asked. When I told her, she said, "Do you realize that his birthday is exactly nine months before your son's birth?"

"No, I hadn't thought about it," I responded, "but now that you mention it, I have a daughter who turned two a couple days before the same date."

After she finished taking down all the data, she patted my hand and said, "Maybe you should start buying your husband a tie for his birthday."

-- M.K. Pigott

Friday, September 07, 2007


We are still obsessing about Katrina's growth patterns. She has an appointment at Johns Hopkins later this month as a 'second opinion' with a gastroenterologist. They (hopefully) won't rerun the tests but will look at the results and see if there is anything the doctors at Georgetown missed. I'm thinking about it now because I was over a friend's house this morning; their youngest daughter is a few months younger than Katrina and wears a size 6 diaper. (Size 6 is for kids who weigh more than 35 lbs.) In contrast, Katrina wears a size 4 diaper and they are huge on her ... I go back and forth with the idea of putting her in a smaller size. I know it's all relative, but our friends are average-to-tall in height, and both are athletic and slender. I am average height and Ryan is tall, and we both gain weight easily. So how do we have the skinny kid whose pants fall down all the time?? Our newest niece weighs just about half what Katrina does ... and she is seven weeks old. I'm sure Baby Bethany will pass Katrina in weight in her first year.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another one bites the dust.

After a grueling two weeks, another proposal is out the door. I have just a few hours to work tomorrow, then will be done for the week. What should I do with my 'free' Thursday and Friday? I'm thinking a good book one day and maybe some house cleaning the other day. I'm definitely experiencing signs of nesting - already! Sunday I had to clean the carport. I was obsessed. I even made Ryan mop part of it, and it's a concrete floor! Last night I disinfected my friend Laura's kitchen counters, and today I scrubbed the coffee maker at work.

This morning Katrina said, "I love you, too" when I told her I love her! Of course, it sounded more like "I luh ooo, too" but I knew what she meant. Being a parent has really changed me and enlightened me to how God feels about each of us. We delight in our little girl day after day, from new words to the way she mimics her daddy to even the crazy book she chooses to read before bed each night. We find joy in the simplest things with her, and it amazes me that God our Father delights in me, even more than I delight in our daughter.

Prayer request: A friend from church found out her brother-in-law (her sister's husband) was shot and killed in their home in Venezuela during a robbery attempt. The friend's nieces have been visiting her for a few weeks, so now Marycruz (our friend) has the heartbreaking task of telling her nieces their father was killed, as well as getting them back home to Venezuela as soon as possible. The girls (Marycruz's nieces) are 14 and 5. Please pray!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's good to learn something new.