Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bed Time at the Herberts

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted last! Highlights of the last two months:

- We traveled to Illinois for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; flew at Thanksgiving and drove for Christmas.

- Katrina moved from a crib to a toddler bed just before Thanksgiving.

- We wrapped up the State Department proposal at work on December 6 with an oral presentation. Hopefully we'll hear in March if we won an award, but then again, this has been the procurement from hell (originally due in July 2005, finally submitted 2nd printing in October 2005 only to be destroyed and reopened for oral proposals in December 2006)

- My friends from church (Jackie, Debbie and Lenora ... none have blogs, but Lenora does have a Creative Memories page) and I went to Super Suppers in December and it was a blast! I had to laugh when I read Jaime Bartling's post, because she wrote almost exactly what I had in mind! Except that Ryan doesn't care for cooking, like her Andy does.

- I had a great conversation with my boss just before Ryan and I left for IL for Christmas ... kind of an annual review, but not technically since I didn't fill out my portion ahead of time like I was supposed to do. Gordon was super sweet and encouraging and had a lot of great things to say ... which only confused me more. I so don't know what I want to do about working vs. staying home.

- There's some exciting news I want to tell you but I can't, not until after January 22nd or so. :)

- I'm getting my eyes fixed on Tuesday! LASIK surgery, that is. And of course, Ryan has to go to Colorado Sunday through Wednesday. My friend Laura is going to pick me up from the surgery instead.

- I'm also heading to Florida at the end of this month for the annual Children's Pastors' Conference. Some of you may remember I went in 2004. Our church is sending me again, along with my friend Jackie. We are very excited! (And yes, Sara, it's at Disney World!)

- Call me "Soccer Mom" - we bought a minivan! It's a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, light blue with Stow-n-Go seats and power sliding doors. I love it!!! It made driving to Illinois (a 14 hour trip) very nice.

Ummmm, that's about it. Life has be busy around here, but I'm not sure what we've been doing! It's good to be home after traveling. It's bedtime, but Katrina is refusing to stay in her bed. She's not crying or anything ... she just keeps getting back up and walking to the baby gate. Then she stands there until one of us takes pity on her. (This has been going on for 30 minutes.) This is so not like her! And of course Ryan and I are exhausted from traveling yesterday and can't wait to get to bed. So sleepy ....

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