Monday, November 13, 2006

Stupid carpoolers.


9:54 p.m.
Me - at the office finishing up for a meeting tomorrow
Ryan - stuck in Virginia, thanks to a guy in his carpool who worked five hours later than planned
Katrina - asleep in her stroller in the conference room of my office

Did I mention Davis had her tail amputated today? And that she's at home, overdue for her pain medication by two hours.

Did I mention I still need to go to the store to get food for tomorrow's meeting?

Did I mention I still have to review our children's handbook for presentation for approval at the executive committee meeting tomorrow night?

Did I mention I am NOT in a good mood??!!!


*sara* said...

nice. im in cincinnati finishing up at the youthworker convention. sometimes i wonder how amazing it would be if i could do all of the conventions and meet all of the people...anyway...i just wanted to tell you that you are loved.
oh yeah, and "i thank my Jesus for the daisies and the roses" sigh. i just saw jars of clay in concert a few days ago :)

Lueyfufu said...

Stupid carp-oolers.