Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I can see clearly now!

The rain IS gone (and the snow flurries, too), but I hope tomorrow's not too much of a bright, sunny day because I'm still light-sensitive. Yes, folks, I survived laser eye surgery. My surgery lasted all of maybe five minutes (seriously) and I was on my way home less than an hour after I arrived at the vision center. Immediately I noticed improvement ... I could see the ceiling tiles in the surgery room! And I could see down the hall through the recovery room door. The irritation and light-sensitivity kicked in about 15 minutes after surgery, and that was rough. I wore those dorky sunglasses they give, plus I had my eyes closed, plus I held my coat over my head to block any light. I slept for about two hours and awoke to find the numbing drops had worn off. Ouch. But the steroid drops they gave for post-op care help a lot, and by 4:00 yesterday afternoon (6 hours after surgery), I felt GREAT! I could see fine, the achiness was gone, and I honestly felt like nothing had been done to my eyes. (Except that I could see without glasses or contacts.) So, if you are at all thinking about getting it done, I highly encourage it! It's been great!

We put Katrina's mattress back in her crib for the past few nights because Ryan was back in Colorado and we didn't want to try to deal with her getting up all the time. Just tonight I moved her back to her toddler bed, and sure enough she got up after I put her to bed. I ignored her for about 20 minutes (which is hard ... she's so darn cute!), then my friend Trish told me about Super Nanny. I seriously don't watch much television, but good ol' Google pointed me in the right direction. I'm not the only parent who struggles to keep their toddler in bed:

A huge 'thank you' to Trish for sending me help just when I needed it! (Don't you think Trish would be a good mom? I think so.) :)

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