Sunday, October 30, 2005

*cough, cough*

I'm sick. So is Katrina. And Cayden. And Reagan. And Laura. We like to pass around our germs.

In other news, not much is new. That's good, though! Here is the ever-so-exciting rundown of the last few days:

- had a Children's Talent Night at church tonight. It was cute and went okay. Not too many kids participated. Karaoke was a flop. Stupid me for thinking it would work - most of the kids can't read (they are too young)!
- we took pictures of Katrina yesterday and posted them in our gallery. Her first Halloween costume and Cayden's birthday at the pumpkin patch for your visual enjoyment. Isn't she a cutie? The picture above is my favorite. (I had a link, but then I figured out from Leah's how to add pictures. Yay for Leah!)
- I took Friday off work and got sick with this stupid cold.
- Thursday we delivered a HUGE proposal for work. Praise the Lord it's done. Now we wait until February to hear anything. Stupid government. (Nothing like getting lost in D.C., by the way.)
- Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday are all a blur because I worked late to get the proposal done. I vaguely remember snapping at my boss once. Or maybe twice.

We found a kitten on our steps this morning! It's tiny, too ... maybe seven or eight weeks old. I'm trying to convice Laura and Simon to take it. They have a mouse that pooped in their pumpkin. So they need a kitty.

Speaking of poop, please remember to pray for Seth Garrett! He is doing well, but still needs some help/healing. Leah and Mark recently learned how to prevent scar tissue from building up at Seth's surgery site. I tell you, those two are some of the greatest parents I know. And great ministers, too. (No offense Pastor Paul and Danette, et al.) Seriously, those two have been an amazing example of faith these last weeks and months since Seth was born and needed surgery.

And please pray for another friend of mine, whom I'll call Amanda. She went into the hospital just about two weeks ago because her water broke ten weeks early. She is to stay in the hospital on strict bedrest for at least three more weeks until her baby is at 35 weeks gestation. I talked to her last week but not this week, so I'll update again when I know more. Specifically pray for the baby's lungs. Because all of this happened so early, his lungs are underdeveloped.

Okay, that's all. I'm off to finish a library book and wait for Ryan to call. (He had to travel up to PA tonight for work.) Good night!


*sara* said...

i have talked with AMANDA and things are going pretty well for her and baby. She's bored, but finally got a dvd player to help ease that a little.

Anonymous said...

He's here and doing great :) Thanks for all the prayers. He only spent 4 days in the NICU and is now home with Mommy :) We are both doing well. :)

the one you call amanda