Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A-Zs of Me

A ~ Age you got your first kiss - Second grade. Travis Gash. (His brother Greg just died!)

B ~ Band listening to right now - some song on Key 103.1. I don't know who it is.

C ~ Crush - John Travolta

D ~ Dad's name - Steve

E ~ Easiest person to talk to - My April came to mind first. She and I can pick up where we left off like no time has passed.

F ~ Favorite TV show - Wheel of Fortune

G ~ Gummy worms or bears - neither, thanks. I like chocolate. Dark chocolate.

H ~ Happiest memory - When Ryan held Katrina in the hospital.

I ~ Instrument - I used to play the flute. I doubt I still can.

J ~ Jr. High Crush - I think Ron Reinagle (sp?), but that might have been freshman year. Brendan Hurrle was high school, too.

K ~ Katrina

L ~ Longest car ride ever - Heading to Illinois last year for Christmas when it took nine extra hours because of snow.

M ~ Mom's name - Sheila

N ~ Nicknames - Lexer, Dax

O ~ One animal you like - kitties

P ~ Phobias - Mimes

Q ~ Quirks - I don't think there is enough room to list them all. :)

R ~ Reason to smile - daisies, kids' laughter, smiling babies

S ~ Song you sang last - I sing 'Happy Birthday' when I wash my hands.

T ~ Time you woke up today - 5:00 a.m. I had to be in Fairfax, VA by 8:00 a.m.

U ~ Unknown fact about me - If I tell you, then it wouldn't be unknown, would it?

V ~ Vegetable you hate - The green stuff my mom thinks I like. It's leafy ... not spinach ... kind of sour.

W ~ Worst habits - no motivation in the morning. I'm late to everything!

X ~ X-rays you've had - Do sonograms count? I had a bunch of those. And teeth. And my cheekbone when Andy Foster punched me in teh face.

Y ~ Yummy food - Pepsi.

Z ~ Zodiac sign - Leo


LueyFufu said...

Pepsi isn't a food, you silly. It's a drink. A soda drink. :)

And is it chard that your mom thinks you like? (I don't know if it's sour or not. I can't remember.)

And at first I thought that said, "smelling babies" and not "smiling babies".

And Andy Foster punched you in the face?! Andy Foster, like the clarinet-playing guy?

Anonymous said...

Mustard Greens are pretty sour.
--Jen George

Krista said...

Andy Foster hit you in the face?!?!?! Tell, tell!

Heather said...

Why do I laugh so much when Andy Foster is known as the "clarinet-playing guy?" I had a friend who was contemplating dating him, and the fact that he played the clarinet freaked her out a smidge. Then again, my friend Matt plays the flute.