Monday, November 07, 2005

God is good.

God is good, all the time. :) I just finished reading the annual girls letter ... ladies, I miss you and love you all! Every year, our beloved Debbers gathers information from the girl gang and sends it out. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the letter each year. This year there are two new babies and THREE more on the way! Wow! And, of all things, Debbie is due the same day I was this past year with Katrina. I hope she has a girl so we can send her some of Katrina's stuff.

God is moving in the children of our church and in me, too. One little girl who visits with her grandma had a very special prayer time during children's church today. I am so blessed by these kids, even the ones who are a little hyper. :) And I've been able to attend Sunday School the last two Sundays! I think this is the first time in ... probaby seven or so years. Ype. That's what happens when you like kids. You end up teaching Sunday School. :) Anyway, Kurt has been walking his class through Proverbs and it's been good. I'll write more soon. It's midnight!


*sara* said...

the plane tickets would be a good idea, except of course that it would be closer to $200 for scott and me. I could come alone, but that doesn't seem fun. :(

(other do you get the word verification thing so i can stop getting spam...)

Anonymous said...

Lexa--thanks for your comment--I checked out the site on croup. It seems like Eric's cough is now that rattly-congested sounding cough, and it's not very severe yet... still keeping an eye on him. If it gets worse or he starts barking again, we'll talk to the doctor. poor kid! Again, thanks for the comment!
--Jen George

*sara* said...

ok. you need to post. for serious. and another thing. i miss you too--but God wants me to stay here and no amount of pressure (and being away from family and friends) is going to make us move. :)