Friday, May 05, 2006

A Great Article

I have a dear friend going through a tough time in her marriage. I've continually struggled with the thought of separation/divorce/remarriage. Er, the idea of other people doing it and the spiritual ramifications - not me thinking about leaving Ryan!! Anyway, we were talking today and my friend shared this article with me.

A Woman in Pain

If you have a moment, hit 'comment' and post a reply - I'd love to know your thoughts on this.

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*sara* said...

i'm not sure about that article--but i have a friend going through what could be a very bad situation. she tells me how her husband has changed since marriage--refusing to help with anything at home or with their newborn. He expects to quit his job and get a masters degree (classes are one night a week) and take care of the baby he won't even currently change while she works. He often threatens to leave her when he is upset and treats her with little to no respect--even in front of other people. So my heart hurts for your friend, and for anyone going through tough times. Seperation doesn't always lead to divorce and sometimes its a good way to evaluate what you really need.