Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our baby said "butt" today.

Yes, it's true. She said her first Lexpletive today. (A Lexpletive is a word that I hate ... and there is a list of them.) We were shopping in Wal-Mart and Katrina reached for the buttons on my dress. I said, rather distracted by searching for an item, "You're playing with Mommy's buttons." And she very plainly said, "Butt. Buuuutttt."

What is this world coming to?!!


Auntie Shawna said...

Tee hee. Next I teach her "armpit."

*sara* said...

woo-hoo. guess what? It's wednesday--and we'll be there saturday. :) then i can meet this famed "butt" speaker.

Krusty Armpitz said...

onoz! wait til she startz talkin online an lernz 2 chat speak

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey marte! Here's the link to my pastor's blog:


If you can ignore the occasional typo made in haste, you'll see that he's a pretty intelligent, well-read guy. I respect him a lot.

It was good talking to you!!!

love, marte