Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's a BOY!!

As some of you know, we've been expecting at our cozy home here in Frederick. Avery joined up a little earlier than expected - he joined us yesterday - Wednesday. I was afraid to post anything until now because he wasn't doing well ... he had the shakes, and he wouldn't eat or drink or go to the bathroom. Tonight is a different story, though! After a bit of quality time in Mom and Dad's room (with the door firmly shut to keep Davis out), he relaxed and even played with a drinking straw he found under the bed. I have to confess, I dropped him in the bathroom a little while ago. But it must have jarred his little bladder because he crawled into the litter box and finally used it, then hopped out and ate some dry food. Yes, folks, Avery is a boy kitty! We finally got a kitten from one of our coworkers. He (the kitten, not the coworker) is about 10 weeks old. I'm fairly certain he has worms, unfortunately. We'll find out for sure when he goes to the vet on Tuesday. If he hadn't perked up tonight like he did, I was planning on taking him to the animal hospital in the morning. We've been worried about our little guy! But he's doing better.

Davis is another story. :) She growls at him through closed doors and she's even more irritable toward us after we've been with the kitten. We're being careful to wash our hands well and keep them apart until we can get him tested for feline leukemia.

We'll keep you posted on our growing family. :)


erika said...

You should not have a post on your blog titled "It's a boy!" unless you are talking about the baby. It gets one all excited, and then they have to change their whole mindset when they find out you are not talking about a wonderful little baby...but a CAT!

love you Lex.

*sara* said...

Yay! We are thinking about adding on to our family too. Sneakers is a girl, and very possessive (not at all the independent cat type). So, we were thinking, if we wait until we move, maybe we could get her a puppy instead, but hearing your cute story makes me ready to run out and get a new family member (not that the decision should be made so hastily). Did you find scottie a church yet?? ;)

Anonymous said...

hey sis its me i just didnt have a screen name ...I thought you were having a boy not a girl instead of having a boy kitten!!!! Remind me to strangle you two next time I see you :P