Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I do eat vegetables, darn it!

I do eat vegetables! A cow-orker was just teasing me that I like Taco Bell (true), McDonalds (not true), Roy Rogers (DEFINITELY not true), and other greasy places more than vegetables. I told her that's not true, that I really don't like greasy foods (look up the effects of greasy foods on an irritable bowel and you'll know why!) and that I do like vegetables. All she said was, "Mmm hmmm." I know she's just teasing, but I want to say "Don't mess with me, lady!"

Ask my mom. I like veggies. It's hard to keep fresh vegetables in the house because Ryan doesn't eat them and they go bad before I finish them. Besides, coworker person, I don't see you bringing vegetables for snacks everyday, so there!

(It all started with her describing collard greens and pouring the 'juice' over corn bread. I nearly gagged - pregnancy, I think - and she said the above statements about fast food. Grr!)


alicia marie said...

email me lexa if you get the chance. Something I'd like to share with you.


alicia marie said...

hmm how about kaspirant@yahoo.com too. That could help.

*sara* said...

I seem to remember you making fun of leah and me ages ago when we kept lettuce in our room. I think you're lying! *oh this funny thing just came to me. Remember when we were in my car (well, you weren't actually IN the car) and you almost peed on Will because I started driving :) thats funny stuff dude.