Monday, November 08, 2004

One sick me + a ton of library books = ugh.

Ryan just went to the library for me because I'm sick. Again. He's so good to me. (Actually, it was probably more because some of the books were due today and he hates it when I rack up fines. But I'll pretend it's because he loves me so much and wants me to get better.) :)

I'm fearful this cold will turn into laryngitis. I haven't had laryngitis in awhile because my doctor gave me a great medicine called Muccinex (sp?) and Robitussin with expectorant for when I feel it coming on. It's worked well every time since then - and the combination of the two meds cut down my last case of laryngitis from the typical week-plus to just two days. And I can't take the stuff now because of the baby. *sniff, sniff, cough, cough, HACK up a hairball like an old man*

Fun news: my April is coming to visit on Thursday!!! We're going to New York City on Saturday with Sycamore. (Heh. I just remembered how/why I started calling April Gipp my April. Rob's mom's name is also April, so I called Gippy 'my April' to distinguish between the two. And it's stuck, years later.)

Not-so-fun news: Ryan's jaw surgery is costing us $4000 out of pocket. The surgeon who wired his jaw is not part of the Mamsi network, but we (I) really didn't have a choice - it was an emergency. I confess, I was not thinking of insurance at the time. I was sitting in the hospital praying for God to spare my husband's life, through miraculous healing and through doctors. Whether or not a specific doctor was covered by our insurance didn't really cross my mind. Turns out none of the OMF guys were covered by Mamsi, so it really didn't make a difference what doctor did the surgery at Morgantown. When all is said and done, we are supposed to pay a $250 deductible and 20% of the remaining bill - Mamsi pays 80%. The fine print reads that Mamsi pays 80% of in-network fees (much lower than out-of-network fees). So, for a $5500 surgery, we're paying $4000.

It's not nearly as bad as it could have been. Besides copays, deductibles, some x-rays, and physical therapy visits, this is really the first thing we've had to pay for. We have been blessed so abundantly. It's hard not so say, "But why do we have to pay this? It was an emergency - we didn't have a choice!" So I need to remind myself that we haven't had to pay much else and it could be much, much worse.

Girls, if you're reading this, we need to get together. I was just rereading the latest girl letter from Debs. So much has happened over the past year!! What are y'all doing for Christmas?


*sara* said...

Unless something changes, I will be in kokomo on christmas...however i will be at my parents the 26-28...are you gonna visit your mom anytime? and what about la sid? think she'll come home???

Anonymous said...

Marte, I miss you so much! I've been totally wanting to come and visit you this week...I was thinking I should before you have the baby (and before you're too fat to do anything fun) :) I won't be able to for Christmas, as we can't take time off from work during the last weeks of's so busy at that time. I'll be in IL for Thanksgiving, but I don't think anyone else will.
I love you marte; we should talk soon. Tell my/your April hi for me!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah..and I hope you feel better soon, Linda..."hello and welcome to cawfee tawk.."

LueyFufu said...

Whoa, do old men usually cough up hairballs?