Monday, November 01, 2004

Home from vacation

Vacation was good. I craved cauliflower all week. None was to be found until Saturday when Ryan got it for me from a display. He's a good hubby. I think I'll keep him. :)

After one day back at work I'm ready for another vacation. We're redoing the website (I'm not doing any of the actual HTML/J2EE stuff - just content and some design stuff) and Gordo wants to go live this weekend. Eh. Plus I'm juggling planning a company cruise for May, a holiday open house and a holiday party. Well, the party is already done - Carol the office manager did that - but I'm 'helping' with 100 holiday bags, employee holiday gifts, etc. Double eh. (Eh eh looks funny, like I'm trying to go to poop. Or decide to get my hair cut.) (You have to be Marte to get the hair cut part. "Eh. EH. I want to cut my hair!!")

Oh, yeah, since we're back from vacation, I can say it. I'm pregnant!


*sara* said...

i hope you had a happy vacation. :) Im glad you finally told the world about that baby thing. secrets can kill ya!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I totally thought about you and your hair when you did that, marte! Although the image of you pooping was just a good. ;)


And yes, my posting of few words was related to the election. Well, I guess now the rest of the world can stop hating america's government and start hating its people now, since we really did choose Bush in the popular vote this time. But then when you have an election that's basically between (to refer to your favorite show South Park) "a giant douche and a turd sandwich," how could america be redeemed?

If only people would wake up and vote Green... ;)

GinaMarie said...

Ha, I knew thats what the secret had to be...whenever a married couple says they have a secret...a baby's on the way :) Congratulations! How far along are you?
Oh, thanks for the Gmail offer but a friend already sent me one :)

Evan said...

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