Friday, September 10, 2004

NFL Football


And so the four months of "football-widowhood" begins. This year I let Ryan talk me into joining a fantasy football league. ("It will give us more to talk about," he says. "It will be fun," he says. What was I thinking? Football is ALL he talks about from September through January. I just nod and smile. Fun. Yeah.)

I dropped off our recycling at the East Street place yesterday because there was no pickup on Monday. And I recycle rather ... ambitiously. Three bags of paper, one bag of cans, and an overflowing blue bin. (It was two weeks worth, I swear!) Anyway, this older man pulled up as I was dropping off our stuff. He, too, had many bags of recyclables, and was talking on his cell phone to someone about the virtues of recycling. I noticed as he drove away that he had several "Save the Environment" type bumper stickers plastered on his vehicle ... a triple-sized, extra-long, extra-wide SUV.

Irony. For those of you who don't get it, i-r-o-n-y.

(It's late. I'm entitled to be ... like this. And use a bunch of ...s.)

(That was ...s as in, dot-dot-dots. Ellipses. Not a swear word.)

Edit: This originally posted as 1:16 a.m. It's 12 a.m. I dunno how to change the time zone.


*sara* said...

Dear Dax. I think we need to talk about your girls letter information. Immediately.

LueyFufu said...

What was in the overflowing blue bin? I'm scared.

And I'm glad you understand irony... i-r-o-n-y.

That makes me think of "You've Got Mail"