Monday, August 30, 2004

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I'm boring. I couldn't think of a good subject for today's post. Any suggestions?

I mentioned I dislike making decisions. For those of you that do not know, I quit my preschool teaching job earlier this summer. I loved my students and my coteachers, but I had a really hard time getting along with the director. We spoke about some of the issues and I felt like we weren't getting anywhere. Since then, I have struggled with "guilt" of sorts - as a Christian, shouldn't I be able to get along with her? I have been reminding myself that we instructed to live at peace with everyone ("If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone" Romans 12:18). Ryan and I talked and prayed and talked and prayed about it and decided it was time for me to work somewhere else.

Here is where the decision comes in. I worked for Sycamore this summer doing various office stuff and I have loved it. Thursday I was offered a job to work full-time at Sycamore. While I am excited, I am also confused. I had originally decided to substitute teach in the fall and continue to work part-time at Sycamore (1 - 2 days a week), with the hopes of getting a contracted teaching position with FCPS in January. What do I do, what do I do? There are many enticing benefits to working at Sycamore, but I can't say it's what I want to do. (I would be doing different tasks - working on proposals, etc. - not the other stuff I have been doing so far.) *sigh*

Wheel of Fortune tryouts were a flop on Saturday. Everybody filled out an application that went into a big barrel. Names were randomly drawn out but mine was never picked. :( The cheesey host (not Pat Sajak, although he is pretty cheesey) said all applications are sorted through, even those not drawn, for an opportunity for final auditions. Maybe I'll still make it.

In other news, my mom is having some job issues. It looks like the newspaper is up for sale and the outlook isn't good. Please pray for her and for all those involved. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Marte!!! And you are too witty, whatever! Wheel of Fortune? Too funny! I hope you get pulled; that way, when I go to work out and it's on in the cardio room I can point and yell "That's my Marte!"
If you want my opinion (and I'm sure you do ;) ) I'd say do your teaching job in the fall and stay at Sycamore part time. You admitted it wasn't what you want to do, and trust me--even if the money is decent and the benefits are good, it really sucks to be stuck in a job you don't like just for those reasons.
I don't think you should feel guilty about quitting that other job because of the director. If the only way you can be at peace with her is to not be around her, then you're doing your part! This way, you can say that you love her with the love of Christ and mean it, cause you're not around the b-- er, woman.
love you, marte!