Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life at Warp Speed

Suddenly life has gotten very busy.

  • Work is picking up again ... it's the end of the Government fiscal year on September 30, so everybody's trying to allocate money ASAP.
  • Work is busy for Ryan, too. He just got home around 9:00 tonight. Thankfully he's able to work from home tomorrow.
  • We rejoined the YMCA with some friends, yet ironically, haven't had time to go together. I'm trying to go three times a week. Exercising has become my "me" time. I can read, listen to music, or watch t.v. ... without interruption. I can shower without interruption, too! Gym childcare is a blessed invention.
  • I have some major forms/paperwork to fill out for Ministry Assessment in January. Ministry Assessment is a requirement of the Mid-Atlantic District before being granted a district license. It's meant to be a time of, well, assessment. The paperwork includes registration forms, records of service, some pretty intense questionnaires ... yikes! Those are all due by October 1.
  • Katrina starts preschool on Friday and dance class on Monday. She'll go to preschool one day a week (Fridays) at a church near our house from 9:30 - 1:30. She is growing so fast! I keep forgetting that she is only three. We went shopping this weekend for 'school clothes' and she was so funny. Her response to just about everything I held up for her to look at: "It fit, Mama! I like it!" I couldn't get her to choose any new pajamas, though! She turned down every option. Pictures of Katrina in her dance clothes will follow soon ... she's too cute!
  • Mikayla is nearly 8.5 months old (today? tomorrow? sometime soon) and a sweetie. She has two teeth on the bottom and more are coming. She HATES baby food with a passion and only wants her bottle and whatever 'table food' we happen to be eating. Oh, and Gerber Puffs. She's a little crack addict with those things.
  • Women's Bible study starts on Monday. We'll be studying Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado.
  • I'm thinking of taking the girls on another trip to Illinois in early October, if it works out at work. Or maybe we'll go on a 'real' vacation, if we can find the right cruise. We love cruises. Haven't taken one with the girls yet, though. Could be interesting ...
  • I've decided I want another baby. Not necessarily any time soon. But I want a chubby baby. I'm serious! Both of our girls are/were skinny babies (especially Katrina). I want a baby with chubby cheeks and cute baby tummy rolls. More baby to love, right?

How's that for a random list? This started out being about how busy this month is and ended on the topic of babies.


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Ok, 1st if you go on a cruise how about Thanksgiving time, and Auntie will go and chaperon...2nd baby baby baby its on everyone's mind lately...get a puppy will kill the urge..3rd...if you have one then you have to have another so Mikayla isn't an poor neglected Middle Child..as she is the poor neglected 2nd child already (insert smiley with tongue out here) your favorite sister

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