Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday evening

Quote from Katrina to Ryan, after being hit (gently) in the shoulder by a Frisbee: "Why you do that, Dad? You hurt my elbow!"

(Later, when she grazed her arm on the swing as Ryan pushed Mikayla, she ran off in near tears. When Ryan apologized, she said, "No you do it! Mama do it!" Ummm, no, it was Daddy. :) )

Just now, both girls were in their respective beds (er, toddler bed and crib) when I heard Mikayla chortling. She has figured out how to look at Katrina from her crib! She managed to roll over, turn 180 degrees (her head was at the opposite end of the crib) AND push down the crib bumper enough that she can peek out at her big sister. She's a resourceful seven-month old!

On a completely random note, does it gross anyone else out that infant formula contains vegetable oil? I noticed it on the ingredients list on a can of Enfamil. Yuck. I understand that's the fat source for formula, but seriously, that's gross. It's like giving a baby American "cheese," since that's just milk and oil, too.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought of formula as a processed cheese single in a can too!!! Some of the other brands have palm oil, coconut oil and others too. Apparently it's because the fat in cow's milk (which is what most formla is made from) is the more valuable part of dairy farming, the milk powder is like a leftover could say that infant formula is really made from waste products of the dairy industry. And also, the fat in cows milk goes rancid so they have to replace it with something that won't go "off".