Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Ponies Say

The follow are snippets of a 'conversation' I overhead tonight. Katrina's beloved Purple Pony* was found tonight, and of course it had to go to bed with her tonight. As I sat on Katrina's bed for a few minutes, I listened to what Katrina pretended the ponies were saying, and gained some insight into what our three-year-old thinks.

The Characters
Purple Pony - the Mommy Pony
an ugly, stuffed, teal zebra** - the Daddy Pony
a miniature pony from Katrina's Easter basket - the Baby Pony

The Setting
A grassy field (also known as Katrina's bed, on top of her green blanket)

Baby Pony: "I hungry! I juicy [thirsty]!"
Mommy Pony: "Here you cup! No spill! You drink milk, Baby Pony. It yummy."
Baby Pony, to Daddy Pony: "I go sou-side [outside], okay?" (Katrina has been adding 'okay?' to the end of most of her sentences lately)
Daddy Pony: "Okay, we go sou-side."
Mommy Pony: "Wait minute! No you have shoes on! Where you shoes?"
(mumble, mumble)
Baby Pony, to Mommy Pony: "I love you, Mommy Pony!"
Baby Pony, to Daddy Pony: "I love you, Daddy Pony!"
Katrina, to me: "Where 'Kayla Pony?? Her MISSING!"

*Purple Pony was "hiding" in a basket with Katrina's nativity set. I spent hours one day looking for the pony in every basket, play area, and hiding place I could think of, but I didn't check the nativity set. Why would a pony be there? Katrina's friend Reagan told me that Purple Pony was "with all the Jesus toys."

**I say the zebra is ugly not because I think Daddy is ugly or because Katrina thinks that, but because I hate (h-a-t-e) the color teal. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sent Katrina the zebra just to spite me! They also gave Mikayla a onesie that says, "Does this make my b*tt look big?" because I hate that word.


Mike Lyons said...

I love the use of "b*tt."

Just so you know, when I say "b*tch" I just mean BUTCH.

Auntie Shawna said...

Dear me. We are terribly wicked, aren't we? We actually planned to give her the zebra just because there weren't any other little ones we thought might want it, and it was free. (Yay, pre-vet stuff!) But the color decided it. We are wicked. . .sigh.

Auntie Shawna (which should be capitalized!) said...

Hey, I capitalized that name!!! What's the deal?!