Thursday, May 01, 2008

Anybody know ...

... where I can get just the insides of green beans? I guess that would be the bean part. The insides of green beans happens to be Katrina's food of choice and she goes nuts for them whenever we have green beans (like tonight). I spent most of dinner opening green beans and giving her the insides to eat. Yes, yes, I know, we should make her eat them whole. But do tell, how do you MAKE a strong-willed-almost-three-year-old eat green beans?

I'd also appreciate any potty training tips. We were doing great, then we went to Illinois. Katrina had one really bad day with several accidents while we were there. And for some reason, she's had four (4!!) accidents since I've been home from work ... approximately one accident every 37.5 minutes. Meh.

Today started off cute, though. Katrina saw this CD down in the basement and said, "O'topus grumpy, Mommy! O'topus WAY grumpy!"

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*sara* said...

i thought of you tonight. we sang "it is Well" :)