Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Can you name 21 people you think of right off the top of your head? This means, do them at random. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21 people.

*this is a lot funnier if you actually list the names first!! No cheating!!!*

1. Ryan
2. Katrina
3. Trish
4. Sidra
5. Ma
6. Leea
7. Lalena
8. Davis
9. Carol
10. Mel
11. Donna
12. Donna (from preschool)
13. Ginny Quay
14. Ted Quay
15. Allison Paradise
16. Jenn (Trish's sister)
17. Gail
18. Carl
19. Shawna
20. Bobby
21. Laura Reynolds

Now answer the questions according to the names listed below

How did you meet 10?
She works for Sycamore - I first met her at a Syc event.

What would you do if you had never met 6?
I don't think I can really answer that since she is my sister.

What would you do if 20 and 15 dated?
Whoa. That would be weird. Bobby might not be my brother-in-law, then!

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
I'm pretty sure I have. (I miss you, Marte!)

Would 4 and 12 make a good couple?
Uh, no.

Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple?
That would be incest.

Describe number 8
Cute as a kitten, a little crabby in her older age. Likes to lash out at small children.

Do you like 12?
Not really. She's the main reason I quit teaching.

Do you think 21 is attractive:
I like her freckles and red hair.

Tell something about 17.
She is an amazing woman of God. I'm blessed to have her as a mother-in-law and as Katrina's grandma. What a heritage!

What's 7's favorite color?
It was purple, when we were younger.

What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you?
Probably be shocked, but only because that's not like Ryan to say stuff like that. :)

When was the last time you talked to number 19?
This morning!! She and Gail and Carl just left this morning after staying at our house for a week.

What language does 13 speak?
English. And medical-ese. (She works in a doctor's office, I think.)

Who is 2 going out with?
Better be nobody! She's too young!!

What grade is 16 in?
I think she's done with school.

What is 5's favorite music?
Ma likes Peter, Paul and Mary; Neil Diamond; Michael Crawford; etc.

Would you ever date number 7?
She's my sister!!

Would you ever date 1?
Ype - we're going on a date tomorrow night, as a matter of fact.

Is 11 single?
Npe, she's married. Multiple times.

What is 10s last name?

Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 3?
If you mean dating her, heck no! That's gross! (No offense.)

Where does 18 live?
With number 17.

What do you think about 20?
He's so much like Ryan that it's scary.

What is the best thing about 4?
If this world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other.

What would you like to tell 14 right now?
Get better soon! (He just had double-bypass surgery this morning.)

where did you meet 9?
She's also a Sycamore employee. I'm sure I met her at a Syc event when Ryan and I were dating, but I don't remember which one. Now I can't imagine not talking to her every day!

Are you going to know 15 forever!?
I suppose so. She's been on my mind all day today - the girl gang has been e-mailing back and forth today about Homecoming.

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