Monday, July 17, 2006

A Love of Bananas

This is what happens when I leave our daughter alone for a few moments.

I was back in the computer room looking up an address and Katrina was playing in the living room, or so I thought. I came back to find her with a pair of bananas in her hands. Upon closer inspection, I found that she had already eaten half of one of the bananas ... peel and all! She loves bananas and most fruit, especially nectarines and mangoes. (More about the mangoes later.) Yesterday morning she ate two whole nectarines by herself, yet she doesn't like peaches. I love peaches! I don't get how she can like nectarines but not peaches.

I posted some other recent pictures of Katrina here:

We got some couches at Costco this weekend! Er, well, a couch and a loveseat. They are dark brown leather - for the basement. Now I just have to convince Ryan that the walls would look good if painted orange. :) And we also got a Love Sac! It's a funny name for a huge bean bag. We got it in a medium brown suede cover so that it will coordinate with the basement couches and the living room furniture (which are a sage-y green color).

After I took the bananas away from Katrina and looked for something else for her to eat, she reached in the grocery sack on the floor and found a mango. And proceeded to eat it, flesh and all, too. She loves to eat the lemon wedges that come as garnish at restaurants and will often eat the whole thing - fruit and rind. I guess it's time we teach her to peel her fruit first. :)


alicia marie said...

actually YES!! I'll be in NC for Christmas this year with the kiddo!!

Anonymous said...

How's the Love Sac working out for you? You know we're getting our Love Sac fixed so we can't have children--oh, oops, wrong one. ;)

Seriously though. We're looking for a comfy couch-type thing for Santos' new living room and had thought about bean bag chairs. That looks way better.

Just a thought, but you may want to let Katrina eat fruit peels, as that's where a majority of the vitamins lie (just make sure to give them a thorough washing). Maybe not for all fruits, but at least for the lemons. In Russia, eating a whole lemon is a common remedy for getting over a cold. I think they boil it just a bit so the rind is softer, though.