Monday, July 04, 2005

Seven-plus weeks of little sleep

Yawn. We're a bit sleepy at our house. The baby does well at waking up at regular times, leading one to think we should be sleeping fairly well. Instead we've been staying up reading (me) and watching t.v. (Ryan). I woke up with a horrendous headache, sore throat and earache yesterday - Sunday - morning. We stayed home from church and I basically spent the whole day in bed. Ryan stayed home with the baby while I worked today and he "caught" my headache, so he spent the day resting on the futon. Or as much resting as one can do when home with a newborn. I'm very proud of him! He survived his first full day home alone with the baby.

Um, other than that, not much is new here. Happy 4th o' July! If my Grandpa Peterson were still living, he would have turned 100 yesterday. And my Grandma Peterson would be 98 this year. Ype. My mom's parents were much older when they had her.


*sara* said...

we really need to get together. i miss you too...and i miss crying in the showers. sigh. those were the days..when our biggest worries were whether or not we would get adjoining suites in williams :)

LueyFufu said...

I order you to go to sleep early tonight, young lady! :)