Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yay for daisies!

I got flowers at work today! :) That makes me happy. Today is the day our company embarks on a three-day Disney Cruise and I can't go. Not too much of a big deal, since there are many others who aren't going, but I did a lot of the planning of the trip. I don't mind, really - it has been similar to planning conferences and not taking part in them.

Anyway, the flowers are from Kurt and Hal (company presidents) and fellow cruisers. And they are daisies! My husband is good at keeping secrets/surprises. I had no idea!

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GinaMarie said...

Yep, Rochelle, has your husband been to the train park there? Will probabally go there again in the next few weeks, he LOVES it.

I love daisy's favorite flower.