Friday, October 15, 2004

Pet peeves

My list of pet peeves is growing. Here is the Readers' Digest version:

1. Mean people and people who think they can spell but they can't
2. Smelly things (toothbrush, toast, people, refrigerators, onions)
3. Bad words (not just swear words, but Lexpletives, too - Herberts, you know what they are!)
4. Mimes
5. Driving at night in the city when it's raining (not necessarily The City, as in DC - any city)
6. A bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now newest one...
7. Telemarketers that ask for coworkers' e-mail addresses. Hello! Do you think I'm stupid?!
Oh, yeah, and another one -
8. Coworkers that talk to telemarketers and answer their questions and so the telemarketers call back repeatedly and the coworkers are not here!!!!

What are YOUR pet peeves?


erika said...

1) People who don't use their turn signal when driving.
2) People who turn out in front of me when there is no one behind me, and then make another quick turn...slowing me down for no reason whatsoever.
3) People who drive slower than the speed limit.
4) People who can't spell, but think that they can.
5) People who get mad at me for something they did.
6) I don't like it when people are late. (This is not to say that I don't like late people. Many of my friends are late people, I love them, I just hate it when they are late)

I think this is all for right now.
oh...7) I don't like it when people keep secrets from me. I love knowing anything and everything.

Anonymous said...

I have so many, so I'll just post a few:

1. People who say "nucular" instead of "nuclear."
2. People who put apostrophe's in plural word's.
3. Close-minded people who like to argue but don't like to actually research what they're arguing about.
4. hella
5. hover-ers (women who don't like to actually sit on public toilet seats, opting instead to 'hover' over them, ensuring that they leave a nice smattering of urine on the seat for women after them).


erika said...

so, i get to see you tomorrow, and i am very excited.

Anonymous said...

I have so many!

1. Stupid blogger not letting me log in.
2. People who capitalize Random words for no good Reason.
3. People who start a phone conversation with, "I'm calling - Can you tell me how..." (Of course you're calling! I figured that out when I answered the phone!)
4. People who don't stop at stop signs.
5. People who don't stop at stop lights.
6. People who don't use turn signals.
7. All other varieties of bad drivers.
8. People who chew gum over the phone.
9. Those tiny broken hairs that stick straight up along where my hair is parted.
10. People who make open-mouthed smacking and crunching sounds when they eat.
11. People who make totally anonymous comments...