Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Crazy day

Aren't all days crazy days?

After much encouragement from my faraway friends, I, too, have decided to create a blog (b-log). I'm positive that most days I will be boring as I am not creatively witty like my Marte. Hi, Marte, by the way! :)

Today was a crazy day at work. We have this hugely-important grand opening ceremony coming up in three weeks and so I'm busy with that. Yes, I am again planning events. How did I get back into it, you ask? I dunno. But I enjoy it. I have training for substitute teaching on Monday and then I will sub three to four days a week and continue to work at the office one day a week.

High point for today: it's been four months today since Ryan's accident. God is so good to us.

Low point: getting a $35 parking ticket. My first parking ticket ever. And it was my fault.

Superhigh point: Wheel of Fortune tryouts are in Baltimore on Saturday! Yipee! I'll let you know how I do, since I'm sure you'll be waiting on pins and needles to know. :)


Anonymous said...

So will you actually cut a ribbon at the grand opening ceremony? Will it be a yellow ribbon?

Boo to parking tickets.

Yay for such a swift recovery from Ryan's accident!

And yay for unexpected phone calls at work! :)

*sara* said...

Dax--I'm so happy that you have joined the world of blog. I so miss you!

Anonymous said...

wow , what a neat idea! I need to do this!, You are a busy little bee!, cindy

Anonymous said...

You're so cute! I remember in high school just sitting around at your house or mine and writing about stuff going on in our lives. I'm glad to see that you are still doing that and using higher technology than pen and paper! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Hello little sis
parking ticket huh? Just dont get as many as our mother lol! Miss you lots, we are going thru one or two power outages a month, last nite 4 hours, 3-4 inches of rain in last 2 days, no sump crazy crazy here too. You and the wheel when I see Grams Saturday she will get a kick out of ya Leea

Anonymous said...

Lex, $35 ain't nothing. I accrued over a 6-12 month period (i can't really remember how long) $125 worth of parking tickets while in grad school.
I came out of class one day and they had my car up on the tow truck ready to take it away. (I kept forgetting to pay the stupid things).
Have a good one!!!